There’s a selfie thingy going around and I got tagged by lestratosphere and kassna. It’s not like you guys never see my face on this blog right? Hehe. Bad luck, here’s more.

First one in my PCell cosplay. Others are casual ones. Those were good days~

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thedoctorloves221b asked:

You are perfection. So cuteree

Oh nonono, not perfect at all.
But thanks a lot. ♥

shannatsue asked:

Oh my goood I love yourcosplays you are sooo cute <3

Awww, thank you so much! This really brightens my day.

Anonymous asked:

You're so cute and I'm just like bro

Ahaha, thanks anon!!

The Prey

Greaserlock photo set 3/x (1) (2)

Greaser Sherlock - kassna
Nerd John (and edit) - itsloki
Photographer - mi-caw-ber

Inspiration - traumachu and her wonderful story as well as the art of archiaart

Title was kassnas idea, don’t judge me.
More to follow, still many photos waiting to be posted!

(ship puns, fuck yeah)

Anonymous asked:

Your awesome xo

You too, Anon!

Anonymous asked:

what wig are you using for john?

It’s from a private seller on ebay. Simple blonde wig for men.


Smoke Alarm on Quarterdeck

Greaserlock photo set 2/x (1)


Greaser Sherlock - kassna
Nerd John (and edit) - itsloki
Photographer - mi-caw-ber

Inspiration - traumachu and her wonderful story as well as the art of archiaart


So we had that holiday trip on a house boat… And of course we made use of that perfect opportunity. ;) It was warm and sunny and being a not-so-strictly non-smoker posing as a greaser on the quarterdeck was more fun than I’d have ever thought. ;) Most of the praise goes to Loki and her enthusiasm, I would’ve never thought of a cosplay like this without her! ♥ ♥

Of course there’s more to follow, a boat has more than just a quarterdeck after all. ;D
Stay tuned! (Do it. For the romance.)

AND YOU WERE GLORIOUS. Look at you. Ugh.

cherrypoison1889 asked:

Oh mu gosh, your Nerd!John cosplay is awesome! *swoons* - C.

Oh my, thank you very very much! Please don’t faint, it’s alright! Lots of love!

Anonymous asked:

You were need john in that photoset right? I just wanted to say that you're absolutely beautiful that's all have a nice day

That’s me! Thank you so much!! Wish you all the best, you kind anon.

itsloki asked:

Hello there, I'm so glad you liked the photos from the set. ; u ;' Your story was my first step into greaser!lock au stuff and now I'm stuck in it. Thank you very much for this, that's what I wanna say. Hope you will enjoy the other photos as much as we did. <3 Best wishes!


I loved the photos so much!!! You guys look amazing dsjdsjkdkl AND YOUR JOHN IS THE CUTEST IN HI S LITTLE SHORTS IM CRYING IT’S TOO MUCH #ONE HIT K.O.!!!!!!!! image

brb dying.

On Quarterdeck

Greaser!lock photo set 1/x (2) (3)

Cosplays inspired by traumachu and her wonderful, well-written, perfect story. (And also archiaarts art to it, which totally stole my heart and strongly influenced the look of my cos ; A ; ♥)

Greaser Sherlock by kassna

Nerd John and edit by me

photos by mi-caw-ber

A wonderful holiday trip with a house boat. It was pure joy – sun, water, wind, hammock, beaches and bays – and also a perfect shooting location for our cosplays, we just couldn’t wait to finally wear them together.

Loads of photos to follow, guys. Stay tuned.

Anonymous asked:

U cute :3

D: Thank you, anon!

Short preview with kassna in our Greaser!lock and nerd!john cosplay. ♡ We look pretty good in nostalgia filter, right?


Lovely mi-caw-ber was our photographer.

So. Be prepared.